AmbiGate GmBH is a software startup specialized in

motion sensing solutions.

We use a 3D camera system like Microsoft Kinect to track and analyze motions precisely.

Our software offers a solution for one of the major problems of our society: back pains.

As a University of Tuebingen spin-off, we are supported with comprehensive and long-term expertise. Part of our advisory board are professors of medicine, physiotherapists and consultants.

Stephan Dabels

CEO Stephan Dabels manages product innovation and strategy. After studying bioinformatics, he worked, among others, as a coach at Google and as consultant. His keen sense for scalable business models is one of the main drives of AmbiGate.

Christian Frede

Computer scientist Christian Frede is chief developer of AmbiGate. With years of experience in software development and e-health technology, he is best suited for programming and designing our products.

Caroline Dabels

Caroline Jannasch is in charge of marketing, communications and human resource management. As an international business economist, she gained wide work experience in Germany and abroad. Her comprehensive expertise in marketing and consulting is indispensable for the work at AmbiGate.

Our product eReha was awarded with the „Gruenderpreis IKT innovativ“ by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and is supported by the EXIST funding program.

AmbiGate has received the IHK Gipfelstuermer award for best startup idea and is the winner of Weconomy 2016.