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Your virtual coach for your pocket

This is what it’s all about


The cell phone – almost always at our side. Often enough we take it in our hands and look down at the screen. Long-term consequences can be postural deformities and shoulder-neck complaints.

With the AmbiCoach we offer an app that not only suggests health exercises, but also guides you and gives you feedback on how to do them. A virtual coach for your pocket.

All exercises have been recorded and recommended with physiotherapists and sports scientists.






Basic Training Catalog

Teaser Recognition Mode

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From 9,99€/M.


Extended Training Catalog

Teaser Recognition Mode


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Full Training Catalog

Recognition Mode


Training Catalog:

Training plans consisting of different exercises. With each package the number of plans and exercises increases. In the premium version you automatically get all of them activated, including the exercises that we will add later.


Recognition Mode:

We recognize your movements via the camera of your smartphone or tablet. Only if you execute the individual movements correctly, you will progress in your training plan. This is automatically detected by the app. In addition, the statistics display an evaluation of your exercise performance. As a foretaste, a training plan for the recognition mode is provided in the App. As soon as we have a larger selection of exercises, more packages with a more voluminous catalog will follow. You can find more information about how we handle your personal data in the FAQ.

How it works


You need some space and the possibility to put your smartphone/tablet upright. Our virtual coach will show you exercises that you can copy. The camera of the device recognizes your movements and the AmbiCoach can give you feedback on the exercise. But don’t worry: Your image data will be processed locally on your device. We cannot see it. More about this in our FAQ.


All advantages at a glance


– Personal Coach “to go”

– available 24/7

– personalizable training plans

– qualitative feedback through camera recognition

– exercise catalog created with physiotherapists an health coaches

– you only need your Smartphone or Tablet

– statistics give you information about your progress

This is yet to come


We are working on making the app usable in combination with physiotherapy or health coaching. Therapists/coaches can recommend training plans in the app, which are suitable to continue your exercises from the sessions at home. The recognition mode of the app allows you to train safely without having to worry about mistakes.


We will inform you as soon as the app is available in the store!

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