Effective and motivating health training for the back


eReha is a 3D camera-based motion therapy system.


Medical health exercises are combined with motivating minigames.

eReha can be used preventively as well as treatment for

chronic back pain.

A flight across the virtual world

The dive game trains the legs.

With eReha you can easily improve your physical health in less time, especially the condition of your back.



All exercises have been developed in cooperation with physicians and physiotherapists.

The benefits of eReha:


  • Improved physical health

  • Time-saving and highly effective health training

  • High training success due to camera-based motion analysis

  • High motivation to exercise due to a playful approach

How does eReha work?


The user follows the introduction of the virtual coach who demonstrates the health exercises. Wrong movements are detected by the camera in real time. With the feedback, the user can correct his position and motions accordingly.

Each game is controlled by a specific motion sequence.

Facts about back problems


57 million Germans suffer from chronic back pains.

This results in about 17 days of absence from work per year and person.

The consequent economic damage amounts to 49 billion Euros annually.

eReha and physiotherapy


eReha can be used privately and in combination with a physiotherapeutic treatment. The attending physiotherapist can monitor the progress of the home training and customize the workout from the office.