Shaping the Health Care of Tomorrow Today

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From idea to company


AmbiGate GmbH is a software company in the beautiful city of Tübingen and a spin-off of the university.
During their studies, the three founders already realized that back problems are an pressing issue in our society. For this reason they were looking for a solution for sustainable health care.


The concept was born:

Motion detection through 3D sensors and health exercises. AmbiGate!

Health for everyone


The concept was ready, exercises were recorded with physiotherapists, algorithms were developed and programmed. In combination with the sensors a possibility was found to give qualitative feedback.

Thus a software was created. The AmbiCoach!

Since back pain is mainly caused by factors during work (e.g. wrong sitting, wrong posture, lack of movement, stress), we provided the AmbiCoach for companies in the context of workplace health promotion. But that was not enough for us!

Initially for the PC and using a 3D camera, the AmbiCoach will soon be available as an app for smartphone and tablet. And thus for YOU!

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The faces behind AmbiGate


As a spin-off from the University of Tübingen, we have a wide range of expertise and support in the background as well as a great team of employees to fight back pain. Our Advisory Board includes professors of medicine, physiotherapists, sports scientists and consultants.

Caroline Dabels

As an international businesswoman and CEO, Caroline Dabels is responsible for marketing, corporate communications and human resources. Her experience at home and abroad as well as in consulting help her to handle these tasks at AmbiGate in the best possible way and enrich the company greatly.

Christian Frede

Christian Frede is a IT specialist responsible for the development of AmbiGate’s products. During his professional career, he has been able to gain many years of experience in software development as well as in the e-health sector and thus has the ideal prerequisites for the implementation of the project.

Stephan Dabels, AmbiGate

Stephan Dabels

Stephan Dabels is responsible as a supervisor for innovation and strategy. After his bioinformatics studies, he worked as a consultant and coach for Google, among others. He was able to intensify his feeling for scalable business models during several professional stations and is now able to implement them excellently.

Florian Buschbacher

Florian Buschbacher is a board member at the German Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media (BitKom) and has been overseeing digital strategies and business models for more than five years. He supports us as CI(Investment)O.