Back Pain? – AmbiCoach!

Most people are familiar with back problems – especially in everyday working life. That is why we have developed the AmbiCoach.
With our app we provide you with a virtual trainer who does exercises with you. These exercises are tailored to your needs.
With the help of a smartphone camera we can recognize your movements and give you feedback on the quality of your exercises. In this way we turn your cell phone into your personal virtual trainer. To Go.

But who is “we”?


We, that is the AmbiGate team. We have specialized in motion sensing solutions. 3D sensors, 2D cameras, no problem! We recognize movements in the room and evaluate them. There are many areas of usage, but especially in the health sector this is a great thing! Be it for prevention at home, at work or at the physiotherapist. We want to make you healthier and help you to perform exercises correctly!

Your Advantages

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Basic Training Catalog

Teaser Recognition Mode

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Extended Training Catalog

Teaser Recognition Mode


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Extended Training Catalog

Recognition Mode


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Full Training Catalog

Recognition Mode

Full AR Mode


Training Catalog:

With each package the number of training plans and exercises increases.


Recognition Mode:

Only if you perform the individual movements correctly will you progress in your training plan. This is automatically recognized by the App. For now, every available package will contain exactly one training plan as a foretaste of the detection mode. You can find more information on how we handle your personal data in the FAQ.


AR Mode:

In AR mode, bring the virtual trainer not only to your TV, but to your room. Train side by side with him at your home. You can find more information on how we handle your personal data in the FAQ.


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economic damage from back pain:

(since you called this page)

million people with chronic back pain


Days off due to back pain per person every year


billion € economic damage/year


hours are spent in a sitting position on average per day

Our Health Experts:

All our exercise units and training catalogs are created together with our health experts.
Fabian Vogt, founder and CEO of BGF Training

Fabian Vogt is a trained sports scientist and founder and managing director of BGF Training. The company is dedicated to modern workplace health promotion according to the findings of science and practice. He and his team pay close attention to the needs of the employees in order to improve their health effectively and sustainably.

Beate Missalek, founder and CEO of MOVEDU
Beate Missalek, founder and CEO of MOVEDU

Beate Missalek is a qualified sports and gymnastics teacher as well as founder and managing director of MOVEDU. With her long-standing profession and expertise in the health sector and a focus on training, continuing education, workplace health promotion, compensatory sports and back health, she supports us in the creation of exercise content and training plans.